NATO sends reinforcements to Kosovo

A NATO deputy spokesperson on Tuesday in Brussels said the alliance's command in Naples had decided to send reinforcements to its troops in Kosovo, KFOR.

(KosovoCompromise Staff) Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Carmen Romero was quoted as saying that the decision came after a request from KFOR commander Erhard Buehler.
She told reporters that the troops would be deployed in the coming days.

Some 700 soldiers now stationed in Germany will head toward the province, according to unofficial reports.

Romero also stated that these soldiers were meant to help those already deployed in locations where it was "important to guarantee security with increased efforts".

The reason for sending more troops, the spokesperson asserted, was "not any worsening of the situation in Kosovo" - but rather the need to help those already deployed who needed "to rest".

Tanjug news agency has in the meantime quoted the website of the German army (Bundeswehr) which said that country would be sending 550 troops to Kosovo in the coming days, while Austria would contribute with 150 more soldiers.

KFOR currently has more than 6,000 soldiers in Kosovo.

In a statement for Serbia's Beta news agency, Romero said that in the current crisis, NATO was acting in an "impartial, status-neutral manner", and that it was not "carrying out the policy of the government in Pristina".

Serbian officials who spent the past week in talks with Erhard Buehler accused KFOR of stepping outside of the mandate given to it by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.