Pro & Cons - Autonomy

Arguments and dismissed criticism

Top 10 pro-autonomy argumentsTop 10 anti-autonomy bluffs
Sustainable and in line with international lawNot sustainable. Albanians wouldn’t settle for anything less than independence, regardless of international law
Kosovo Albanians would get full control of their daily lives, except in certain matters of international representationImpossible economic (Taiwan? Catalonia?) or political (Aland Islands?) progress without independence
Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanians would enjoy wide-scale decentralizationAutonomy is a hidden plan for the secession of Kosovo Serbs from Kosovo
Serbia will not have its borders changed and its historical cradle amputated; it could finally focus on future and reformsSerbia should stop looking up to its past;
it could handle reforms much more easily without Kosovo
Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina will receive guarantees that changes of borders in the Balkans are no longer toleratedOnly an independent Kosovo can guarantee regional stability
European Union will obtain regional stability and take fully in charge the European perspective for KosovoKosovo can bypass Serbia on the road to the EU
United States would be able to finally disengage their troops from KosovoUS will never back down from the publicly stated commitment to independence
China, Russia, Spain, India, Moldova, Georgia and many other countries facing separatism would appreciate not having to deal with a dangerous precedent.Kosovo is more “unique” than any other independence-seeking minority issue in the world
The UN will have the basis of international law system respectedR.I.P. UN
Multiethnicity would finally win. Human and minority rights will be respected,
200.000+ non-Albanian IDPs could return
All would be best in the best of possible worlds… but only in case of independence