We showed them our teeth.
They were in our hands.

Slobodan Simic

I am afraid that we will have a stormy past
even in the future.

Rastko Zakic

A brighter future smiled on us,
because we made it laugh.

Milko Stojkovic

I don't remember anything anymore!

Petar Lazić

The Minister was astonished when he found out that he was receiving a triple salary.
He immediately drew up a budget to start an investigation.

Momčilo Mihajlović

When I see a destroyed mosque, I am ashamed to be a Serb.
When, a bit further, I see a destroyed church, I am proud to be a Serb.

Iva Mažuranić

The worst has not passed.
The best is yet to come.

Ilija Marković

The war criminal has double-parked.
Such a thing cannot go unpunished in this country.

Raša Papeš

I have a choice:
I will either be a marionette
or my life will hang by a thread.

Rade Jovanović

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel.
And not one, but two!

Božo Marić

We are ready to die for what we believe in, but thank God, we don't believe in anything anymore.

Aleksandar Baljak

The negotiations have shown some results.
The two parties agreed on the time
for the renewal of the conflict.

Aleksandar Čotrić

The negotiations started with a big surprise.
Both sides showed up.

Nenad Ćorilić

We prepare the ground for the talks.
We cleared it up with heavy artillery.

Aleksandar Čotrić

Why shouldn't we be proud of our past
when each new day is worse than the previous one?

Aleksandar Čotrić

We never take responsibility for our acts.
We are not a terrorist organization.

Aleksandar Baljak

The truth will emerge, sooner or later.
Like every drowned corpse.

Dragan Rajičić

Stop thinking only about the past.
Look at what we’re doing to you today!

Aleksandar Baljak

Reincarnation would allow
for the other side to be heard.

Milan Bestic

We are pleased that you will once again become our traditional friends.

Aleksandar Baljak